My Hands

Our hands are a very important part of our bodies. Our hands help us do all kinds of things like holding a steering wheel, scrubbing dishes or planting seeds. And of course, people all over the world use their hands to communicate in sign language.
I serve God as a sign language interpreter. I use my hands so deaf people can share in a worship experience. Before I interpret, I pray God will use my hands to communicate clearly and accurately. Every time I raise my hands to sign, I surrender them to God. I know that God will be kind and help me interpret well.
Verse 17 of our Bible Reading says, “May the things we make with our hands establish us, and may He [God] establish the things we make with our hands.” This psalm was written by Moses. In this verse he asked God to bless the things that the Israelites did with their hands.
What do you do with your hands? Maybe you type on a computer, build a house or hold a baby. Ask God to bless you as you use your hands to serve Him.