My Part (1)

Today’s Bible Reading tells us about several women who traveled with Jesus and His disciples. Like the twelve disciples, these women left their homes and families to follow Jesus. They supported Him with their money. These women did their part in spreading the Good News about Jesus.
I am a teacher. Several years ago, I had a student named John. I had the opportunity to tell John the story about Jesus’ birth. This planted a seed of truth in his heart. Later, John moved to a new place where people from a church welcomed him. They told John more about God, Jesus and the Bible. Then John became a Christian! Later, John told me that I was the one who first shared the truth about Jesus with him.
I did what God wanted me to do. I showed His love to my students. I am thankful that I could do my part in leading John to Jesus. You can do your part, too. Pray for a lost friend or family member. Then look for an opportunity to share God’s love and truth.