My Part (2)

Yesterday we talked about how some women did their part to help Jesus spread the Good News. Right after those verses, we read a story that Jesus told.
The story in our Bible Reading reminds us that God always has a plan. He knows when a person is ready to accept Jesus as his Savior. And God knows what part we can do to lead someone to Jesus.
When I told my student, John, about Jesus being born, I did not know that some day John, his future wife, his own parents and his future in-laws would all become Christians. I did my part in telling John. And John did his part in telling these other people about Jesus.
Sometimes we try to show someone God’s love, and they reject it. Then we may feel like giving up. But God wants us to keep doing our part — praying, loving and telling. Maybe those people will accept Jesus at some future time.
Ask God to give you an opportunity to do your part in leading someone to Jesus.