My Problems

I remember one evening. I was thinking about a lot of things in my life. I had several important decisions to make. I sat down at the dinner table. I thought, and I thought. Soon I realized that my meal was cold.
I got up from the table and put my food in the refrigerator. Then I wandered around the house for a few minutes. I saw a picture of Jesus on the wall. And I saw my Bible sitting by my bed. These things made me realize that I needed to give my problems to God.
Sometimes I give my problems to God, and then later I take them back and start worrying again. I need to leave my problems and worries with God and let Him help me. Verses 1-2a of our Bible Reading say, “Lord, I give myself to you. My God, I trust you, and I will not be disappointed.”
What is happening in your life today? Do you have important decisions to make? Are you worrying about the future? Pray and trust God to help you.