My Shepherd

Our Bible Reading today is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Whenever I read it, I am strengthened and encouraged.

Psalm 23 compares God to a shepherd. A shepherd’s job is to take care of his sheep. A shepherd makes sure that his sheep are safe and that they don’t wander away from the flock. A shepherd also makes sure his sheep have food, water and a place to rest at night.

So if God is my Shepherd, what does He do for me? Here are some of the things God does for me: He gives me everything I need (verse 1). God gives me rest and strength (verses 2 and 3). He leads me in the right way (verse 3). God comforts me (verse 4) and shows me honor (verse 5). He also shows me His goodness and mercy (verse 6).

God is so good to us! I hope that reading through Psalm 23 gives you comfort and encourages you. Depend on God, your Shepherd, to lead you every day of your life!