My Work

When I first became a Christian, I had many questions. But the most important question was: “God, what is my work for You?”
I needed to know who God wanted me to tell about Jesus, and how I should tell them. Then one day I read the verses from our Bible Reading. These verses helped me understand how much God wants me to work for Him.
In verse 37b, Jesus explained to His disciples about working for Him. “There are many, many people to harvest (save). But there are only a few workers to help harvest them.” Jesus said that many people need to be saved, but there are not many people to do that work.
Every person in the world needs to know about Jesus. I’m sure that you know friends, neighbors or even family members who need to know about God’s love. Think about these people today. Pray for them, and find ways to share the Good News about Jesus with them.