When we first started talking about Jesus’ apostles, we read Luke 6:12-16. One apostle in that list was Bartholomew. Most people believe that he is the same person that John calls Nathaniel in today’s Bible reading.
Nathaniel was sitting under a fig tree when Philip told him about Jesus. Maybe that was where Nathaniel sat to study the Old Testament Scriptures. Nathaniel went with Philip to see Jesus.
When Jesus saw Nathaniel, He said, “This man coming is a true Israelite, one you can trust” (verse 47). Nathaniel must have been a man who truly followed God. Then Jesus told Nathaniel, “I saw you when you were under the fig tree, before Philip told you about me” (verse 48). This convinced Nathaniel that Jesus was really God’s Son.
Nathaniel was a good man who followed God. We should be like Nathaniel. We should study God’s Word, the Bible, and then obey it.