Nature (2)

Our Bible verses today talk about water. I love looking at water, too — especially waterfalls. One time I visited Niagara Falls in New York. It was so awesome to see God’s power in the water.
I have watched mountain streams where the water slowly moves over rocks and twigs. I live near the Missouri River, and sometimes I like to sit and watch the water as it flows on its journey to meet the Mississippi River.
Water is mentioned many times in the Bible. Genesis, chapter 1, tells us how God separated water and air. Later, God used water (flood) to punish bad people on earth (Genesis, chapters 7-9). In the book of Acts we learn that Christians were baptized in water. Revelation, chapter 22, describes the river of the water of life that will be in the New Jerusalem.
Water is very important for all people on earth. We would die if we didn’t have water. As you take a drink of water today or wash the dishes or take a shower, stop and thank God for water and what it does for you.