Nature (3)

As I write this devotion, it is very cold and snowy outside. It just snowed, and everything is covered with pure white snow. The sun is shining through the snow-covered trees.
Fresh snow looks so clean. I think I will put on my boots and go for a walk in the snow right now. . .well, I am back from my walk in the snow. It was amazing to look at things near my house that were once dirty. But now they are covered with snow. They look so clean!
Our Bible Reading today was written by David. David had sinned, and this psalm is his prayer to God. David asked God to forgive him and cleanse him. In verse 7b David said, “Wash me until I am whiter than snow.”
Snow is amazing. But it is even more amazing to think that God can remove our sins and cleanse us through the blood of Jesus! I hope that you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and allowed His blood to make you clean from your sin.