We can read about people in the world today who try to be close to God. Some of these people do strange and crazy things.
In our Bible Reading, we read about God’s rules for Nazarites. Nazarites were people who wanted to dedicate themselves to God. Verse 2b says, “A man or woman might want to separate from other people for a time. This special time of separation allows a person to give himself totally to the Lord for a time. That person will be called a Nazarite.”
Two examples of Nazarites were Samson and John the Baptist. Both these men followed the special Nazarite rules listed in our Bible Reading. Do you think you could follow all these rules?
If we want to be close to God today, we don’t need to follow special rules. God has already made Christians to be special people. Because of Jesus’ death on the cross, we have been set apart from people in the world. Be thankful that we are God’s special people.