Near to God (1)

I like to cook in my kitchen. But sometimes when I am cooking, the kitchen becomes very hot. If I put a fan close to where I am working, it interferes with my cooking. So I set the fan across the room from my cooking area.
When I am far from the fan, I feel hot and uncomfortable. But when I am close to the fan I feel cooler and more comfortable. My life with God is like that. Sometimes I have sin in my life or I do not pray and read my Bible regularly. During those times I do not feel peaceful and close to God.
Verse 8a of our Bible Reading says, “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” When I am close to God, I feel His peace, security and love. When I face problems, I know that God will help me and give me wisdom.
Today you can decide if you want to be far away from God or close to Him. God wants you to be near Him and to serve Him.