Near to God (2)

Sometimes we are not satisfied with what we have. We wish that we had newer and bigger things. Or we wish that we had more money in the bank. The world tempts us with things that seem to be better than what we have. We think we would be happier if we just had those things.
When we feel like this, we are not trusting God to give us what we need. We are also thinking too much about things in the world. This causes us to move away from God.
Verse 5b of our Bible Reading today says, “And be satisfied with what you have.” We can be satisfied with what we have when we know that God is always with us. Verse 5b tells us that God will always be with us. When God is with us, we can be happy with what we have.
Trust God today to give you what you need. Worship God and enjoy being near Him.