Near to God (3)

In our Bible verses today, Jesus told a story about a man with two sons. The younger son asked his father for his share of the family money. The son took his money and moved far away. He spent his money foolishly. Soon the money was gone, and the young man had no food to eat.
The son realized that it would be better if he went home and worked as a servant. He decided to go home and tell his father that he was sorry. The story has a good ending — the father accepted the young man as his son and they rejoiced that he had come home.
This story reminds us that if we live a sinful life and are sorry for our sins, we can ask God to forgive us. He will welcome us back into His kingdom – just like the father welcomed his son in our Bible verses.
Maybe you are far away from God today and need to ask Him for forgiveness. Don’t wait — come near to Him today.