Near to Jesus

In our world today, we give value to certain things. As Christians, what gives us value? Are we important because of the church we attend? Are we important because of the money we give to others? Our value as a Christian should be based on our relationship with God.
Our Bible verses tell us about a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. No doctors had been able to help her. This woman was probably not powerful or rich. She was just a person in the crowd. But she was willing to come near to Jesus. She touched his coat, and she was healed.
It was probably not easy for that woman to get close to Jesus. There were many people in the crowd. But she believed in Jesus and was willing to do whatever she had to do to reach Him.
We need to be like that woman. We should be willing to do whatever we have to do so we can be close to Jesus. Come near to Him today!