All people need food, a place to live and someone to love them. We must have these things so we can live a healthy life.
God has promised to give us everything we need. Sometimes, God gives us the ability to meet our own needs. We work to earn money to buy food, pay for our house and buy clothes.
Often God uses other people to provide for our needs. That is what God did in today’s Bible Reading. Verse 3b says, “Julius was very good to Paul and gave him freedom to go visit his friends there, who gave him whatever he needed.”
All people have one need that only God can fill. We all need God to love us, guide us, give us wisdom, protect us and provide for us. It is very important that we include God in our lives.
Paul needed his friends’ help. But Paul also knew that he needed God. You need God, too. Tell God today that you want Him to be the most important part of your life.