Needy People

The writer of Psalm 82 saw that sometimes wicked people succeed and good people are poor and helpless. In verse 2 God asked, “How long will you judge people unfairly? How long will you let wicked people go free without punishment?”
I look around my world today, and I see the same things happening. I know that I should do something. Verses 3 and 4 tell me what I should do. “Defend the poor people and orphans. Protect the rights of those poor people. Help those poor, helpless people. Save them from evil people.”
Recently I moved to a new home. I have met many new people. I am learning how to find people who are in need. Some of these people I can help by providing a hot meal. Or I can share some of my possessions. If I can’t help them, I can find other people who can help them.
Maybe you will see a person in need today. Do what you can to help that person. Share God’s love with them, and pray that God will use you so they can become close to Him.