Nehemiah was a man who was a successful servant leader. He was a wine servant to the king. This was a very important job.
When the king was given something to drink, it would be given to Nehemiah first. There could be someone who wanted to kill the king with a poisonous drink. So, Nehemiah would drink first to make sure there wasn’t any poison. If Nehemiah lived after taking a drink, then the king would know it was safe to drink. Nehemiah had a dangerous job. He could have been killed if he drank anything that was poisonous. Nehemiah was willing to surrender his life for the king.
In the last verse of our Bible Reading, Nehemiah asked God to help him be pleasing to the king. Verse 11 says, “So please help me today…Give me success and help me to be pleasing to the king.” Nehemiah not only served and pleased God, but he also served and wanted to please the king.
It is important for Christians to serve and please God. It is also important to serve and please people who lead you in life.