Nehemiah’s Prayer (1)

Nehemiah had bad news. He heard that the walls around Jerusalem had been destroyed. Nehemiah was very sad. So he decided to pray to God. Nehemiah’s prayer is a good example for us when we are sad or have problems.
First, Nehemiah praised God. In verse 5b Nehemiah said, “…you are the great and powerful God. You are the God who keeps his agreement of love with people that love you and obey your commands.”
Second, Nehemiah asked God to pay attention to his prayer. Nehemiah was humble. Next, he confessed his sins and the sins of Israel to God. Then Nehemiah reminded God of the promises that He made. Last of all, Nehemiah asked God to help him.
When we pray, we should be like Nehemiah. We should praise God and be humble and repentant. When we pray this way, God will help us face our problems and serve Him. Think about these things as you pray today. Don’t just start telling God all your problems. Be humble and give Him praise.