Nehemiah’s Prayer (2)

Nehemiah served the king. But Nehemiah was sad about the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah wanted to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls.
The king noticed that something was wrong with Nehemiah. The king said (verse 2), “Are you sick? Why do you look sad? I think your heart is full of sadness.” Nehemiah told the king why he was so sad. Then in verse 4a the king asked, “What do you want me to do?”
Notice that Nehemiah did something before he answered the king. Verse 4b says, “Before I answered, I prayed to the God of Heaven.” Before Nehemiah told the king what he wanted, he prayed. I believe that Nehemiah asked God to give him the right words to say to the king.
Sometimes I need to ask for help or complete an important task. Usually I just start talking or working. But then I become confused or can’t work at all. What I need to do first is pray and ask God to help me.
Nehemiah shows us that no matter what we have to do, we should always ask God to help and guide us.