Nehemiah’s Prayer (4)

Nehemiah and the other Jews finished rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Then people started coming back to Jerusalem and making their homes there.
Our Bible Reading tells us that after the walls were finished, all the people met together in Jerusalem. Ezra, the priest, read the Book of the Law of Moses. The people were sad. Why? Because they realized that they had not been following God’s laws. In verse 10, Nehemiah said, “Today is a special day to the Lord. Don’t be sad. Why? Because the joy of the Lord will make you strong.”
We, too, need to read God’s Word, the Bible. The Bible reminds us to obey God and gives us comfort when we are sad or lonely. God’s Word will also give us strength to keep following Him every day.
Maybe you have just finished a special job. Read God’s Word and thank Him for His help. Or maybe you are facing an important project in the future. Read the Bible and ask God to give you strength to complete that project.