Never Alone

My mother has had several strokes. Because of that, she cannot walk alone. Someone must always walk with her to give her support.
But sometimes my mother thinks that she is falling. Even though someone is holding her arm, she will be afraid and cry out for help. During those times, the person walking with her encourages her and reminds her that they are by her side.
Sometimes I struggle as a Christian. Problems happen, and I become afraid. I feel like I will stumble and fall. But then I realize that God is always with me. He will not let me fall. I can always depend on Him.
Verse 31 of our Bible Reading reminds us that we can rely on God. “But people that trust the Lord become strong again like eagles that grow new feathers. These people run without becoming weak. These people walk without becoming tired.”
No matter where you go today, God will be with you!