Never Alone

The writer of Psalm 142 felt all alone. So, he prayed and asked God to help him. In verse 7b, he said he knew God would take care of him.
That’s how I felt recently. My job is to write grant (money) applications for a school district. One day I was asked to write a grant to fund something that I knew the Bible says is wrong. I needed to make a decision. Would I write the grant? Or would I follow God’s Word?
So I decided to do what the writer of this psalm did. I prayed and I read my Bible. I decided that I would refuse to write the grant. I knew that I might lose my job, but I felt it was more important to obey God.
I had a meeting with my boss and the superintendent. They told me that I might be fired. But God helped me be calm. I told them that I needed to obey God. In the end, they told me that they respected me and that I would not lose my job.
God did not leave me alone. He took care of me. He will take care of you today, too.