New People

Recently a terrible blizzard hit the city where I live. Snow was piled everywhere. Power lines were broken. The tree branches bent with the weight of the snow. But very soon, the sun came out and the snow melted. The tree branches sprang back into shape.
Before I became a Christian, my life was weighed down with sin. I was like the tree branches filled with snow. But then I accepted Jesus. He removed the weight of my sin and made me a new person. Verse 10b of our Bible Reading says, ?God made us new people so that we would do good things.?
I am a Christian now, but sometimes I become burdened with worries. Every day I need to remember that God loves me and that He has freed me from my sins. Just like the tree branches, God helps me spring back to life again and again.
Verse 10b says that God wants me to do good things. I should always be looking for ways to serve God and do good things for other people.