New Year’s Eve

2012 will probably bring some surprises for all of us. We can try to imagine what will happen this year, but some things will happen that we cannot predict. We would like to know what will happen so we can prepare for it.
In our Bible Reading from Exodus, Moses had the same problem. But he was not just thinking about himself or his family. Moses had the job of taking care of the whole nation of Israel. God told Moses to lead the people, but Moses wanted details. He wanted God to assure him that He would always be with him.
We, too, need to know that God will be with us. God answered Moses (verse 14b), “I myself will go with you. I will lead you.” Many other times in the Bible, God promised His people that He would be with them. God will always be faithful to us. He will guide and strengthen us.
What will happen in 2012? I don’t know. But I do know that God will be with us.