Nine Lepers

One day Jesus traveled in Samaria. He met ten men. Verse 12b of our Bible Reading tells us, “These men did not come close to Jesus, because they all had leprosy.” Leprosy was a very bad skin disease. When Jesus lived on earth, there was no cure for leprosy.
These ten men asked Jesus to help them. Jesus told the men to go and show themselves to the priests. “While the ten men were going to the priests, they were healed” (verse 14b).
One of the lepers saw that he was healed. So he went back to Jesus. The man praised God and thanked Jesus for healing him. But the other nine lepers did not thank Jesus. Jesus said, (verse 17), “Ten men were healed; where are the other nine?”
Jesus has done wonderful things for you, too. He died for you and offers you the gift of salvation. And every day He blesses and protects you. Be like the one leper. Thank Jesus for what He has done for you.