No Appointment

Maybe you were sick and needed to see a doctor. Or maybe you needed help managing your finances. Or maybe you had an emotional problem. What did you do? Probably you made an appointment to see a doctor or a counselor. Then you had to wait a few days or weeks before you could talk with them. It can be frustrating to wait for an appointment.
Verses 7 and 8 of our Bible Reading are very comforting. “I praise the Lord because he taught me well. Even at night, he put his instructions deep inside my mind. I keep the Lord before me always. And I will never leave his right side.” We don’t have to make an appointment to be with God. He is always ready to pay attention to us! Psalm 121:3 says, “God will not let you fall. Your Protector will not fall asleep.” God is always awake. We don’t need to worry that God is asleep or too busy to listen to us.
God will be with you today. You don’t need to wait for an appointment. God is always available.