No Doubts

In verse 23b of our Bible Reading Jesus said, “…if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen, then God will do it for you.” Sometimes we have doubts or times when our faith is not strong.
When we have doubts about God and His plan for us, it is a warning that we are not trusting God completely. We need to build up our faith in God.
How can we strengthen our faith in God? Here are some ideas that will help you: 1) Read God’s promises in the Bible and notice how He always kept His promises to people in the Old and New Testaments; 2) Make a list of things God has done for you in the past; 3) Focus your thoughts on God’s great power; 4) Ask God to help you see Him as He works in your life; and 5) Remind yourself of Luke 1:37 — “God can do anything!”
When you face times of doubt, don’t give up! God can use your doubts to help you grow spiritually and strengthen your faith.