No Hope

Jeremiah was God?s prophet. He wrote the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations in the Old Testament. Often Jeremiah is called the ?Weeping Prophet.? Why? Because His messages were sad.
When the Israelites heard Jeremiah?s message, they probably thought there was no hope for Israel. Sometimes I feel there is no hope for my life.
Several years ago, one of my family members was in the hospital for many months. Another relative committed suicide. And two young family members were rebellious.
I felt like the Israelites. I was sad, and I cried. But God helped me through those bad times, and He strengthened my faith in Him. When we think there is no hope, we need to completely depend on God. God will never fail us. He will always help us face bad times.
Maybe you are feeling today that you have no hope. Don?t give up. Trust God to help you.