Noah’s Ark (1)

Genesis, chapters 6, 7 and 8, tell us about a man named Noah. Verse 9b of our Bible Reading tells us about Noah’s life. “Noah was a good man all his life. Noah always followed God.”
God told Noah that all other people on earth were evil. God’s plan was to destroy these people by a flood that covered the earth. So, God told Noah to build an ark (big boat). God gave Noah specific instructions on how to build the ark.
When the ark was finished, Noah was to gather some animals and put them in the ark. Then Noah and his family were to go into the ark, too. God told Noah that he would protect Noah, his family and the animals from the great flood.
The last verse in chapter 6 is very important. “Noah did all these things. Noah obeyed all the things that God commanded.”
Wow! Noah loved and served God.
Think about your life today. Are you obeying God’s commands like Noah did?