Noah’s Ark (2)

Our Bible Reading today tells us more about Noah and the ark. Noah gathered his family and the animals and went into the ark. Then God closed the door of the ark.
Seven days later, the rain began. It rained for forty days and nights! “Every living thing on earth died — every man and woman, every bird, and every kind of animal on earth died…Every living, breathing thing on earth died.” It is sad to read that these people died. But they were not willing to obey God.
Some of the people who died probably had watched Noah build the ark. Maybe they even laughed at him and made fun of him. But that did not stop Noah. He obeyed God and did everything that God told him to do.
Maybe people today make fun of you because you follow God. Maybe they tease you and tell lies about you. But that’s okay. God took care of Noah, and He will take care of you, too. Trust Him today, like Noah did.