Noah’s Ark (3)

Our verses today tell us that the ark “stopped on one of the mountains of Ararat” (verse 4b). Some people believe that the ark is still on that mountain today, covered in ice and snow.
About 500 years before Jesus came to earth, a man wrote that people climbed Mount Ararat and broke off pieces of wood from the ark. Later a man named Josephus wrote that tourists went up on the mountain to look at the ark.
Today people are not allowed to go to that area of Mount Ararat or fly over it and take pictures. So we do not know for sure if the ark is on the mountain. Some people say, “If I could see the ark, then I would believe that the Bible is true.”
But I do not need to see the ark. I know that God’s Word is true. I believe it without seeing the ark. I am so thankful for the Bible, and I am glad that I can read it and understand what God wants me to do.
Take time today to thank God for His Word.