Northwest Trip (4)

My wife and I traveled by car on our Northwest Trip. I looked at the fuel gauge often. I did not want to run out of gas. When I saw that the fuel tank was almost empty, I immediately looked for a gas station. When we found a station, we filled the gas tank. Then we knew that we could drive the car again and not worry about running out of gas.

In our Bible Reading, Jesus was very busy in His ministry on earth. He knew that He needed “fuel” from God. Jesus knew that fuel from God would help Him continue His work. What was Jesus’ fuel? That fuel was praying to God. Jesus spent time alone talking to God.

We need to watch our “spiritual gauge.” Does your “spiritual gauge” show empty? Maybe it is time for you to be alone and pray. Talk with God. Read and study the Bible. Then your spiritual tank will be full, and you will be able to do the work God wants you to do.