Northwest Trip (5)

During our six-week trip, my wife and I stayed with many people. Everywhere we stayed, the people provided for our needs. They fed us and gave a place to sleep. We used their showers and sometimes we used their washing machines. These people encouraged us to use their telephones to call our family and friends. At one house, we even swam in their swimming pool. These people blessed and encouraged us.

In our Bible Reading, Paul and Silas traveled to Philippi. There Paul spoke to some women. Paul’s message encouraged one woman named Lydia. After listening to Paul talk about Jesus, Lydia and some members of her family were baptized. Then Lydia invited Paul and Silas to stay at her house.

Lydia knew that Paul and Silas were traveling and needed a place to stay. Maybe they were hungry and needed some food. Maybe they were tired and needed a bed to sleep on. Ask God to use you to provide for other people.