Not Far From Us

I hadn’t slept well, and I woke up with a headache. I remembered that I had many things to do that day. Also I remembered that my doctor was supposed to call and tell me the results of my medical tests.
I sat down and reached for my Bible. I was worried, and I didn’t know how I could do everything I needed to do that day. I opened my Bible to Acts, chapter 17. I was amazed that God showed me just what I needed. Verse 27 says, “God wanted the people to look for him. Maybe they could search all around for him and find him. But he is not far from any of us.”

This verse made me realize that God is always close to me. Then I knew that He would help me face the things I needed to do that day. When I finished reading my Bible, I thanked God for His words of encouragement. I felt peace instead of worry.
God is not far from you today. Tell Him all your worries, and He will help you. Then thank God for taking care of you.