Not Guilty

When I watch the news on TV, there is something that really bothers me. That’s when I see that someone has been falsely accused of doing something wrong.
When a person is falsely accused, it is a bad situation. Finally a judge and jury may realize that the person is innocent. But that person’s life may already be ruined. They have to live the rest of their life knowing that they were accused of doing something wrong.
Our Bible verses today talk about Jesus’ trials before Pilate and Herod. People told lies about Jesus and made fun of Him. Jesus was not guilty, but in the end, He was sentenced to be crucified.
How could God allow these terrible things to happen to Jesus? This was all part of God’s plan. It was the only way that our sins could be forgiven. And Jesus willingly was falsely accused and killed on a cross — for you and me!
Jesus was willing to die for you. Are you willing to live for Him?