Oak Tree

In these devotions about trees, I want to include oak trees because I like them so much. Oak trees stand so tall and strong. They branch out and shade a large area around them. But the thing about oak trees that is so interesting is that they grow from such small acorns!
Our Christian life can be compared to how an acorn grows into a great tree. When we first become Christians, we learn more and more about Jesus. We also learn to allow Jesus to control our lives. We grow like a mighty oak tree grows.
In our Bible Reading today, we read that people who have faith in God can develop good characteristics in their lives. These characteristics are goodness, knowledge, self-control, patience, service, kindness and love. Just like the oak tree grows from a small acorn, we can grow and develop characteristics that please God.
Study the Bible so that you can know what pleases God. Ask God to help you become a strong Christian.