Maybe you had a hard time finding our Bible Reading today. Obadiah is a very short book in the Old Testament. But this short book can teach us some important lessons.
First, this book teaches us that God is most important and that we are only God?s servants. Obadiah was one of God?s prophets. That is all we know about Obadiah. But that is okay. This book is not about Obadiah. It is about God?s great power.
Second, in verses 10-14, we see that God hates when people refuse to do something good. The people from Edom could have helped the Israelites when they were in trouble. But Edom refused to help Israel. God was sad and angry about this.
Finally, these verses remind us that God is fair. When He says He will do something, He does it. Obadiah gave God?s message to Edom. But God did what He said He would do. God punished the people of Edom.
God is very powerful today, too. And He still expects us to obey Him.