My friend and I were going to a party. My car was parked in the driveway very close to my dad’s truck. My dad told me that I should wait for him to move his truck.
I waited, and then I became impatient. I decided to move my car and not wait for my dad. As I backed out, my side mirror scraped the side of my dad’s truck. My impatience and disobedience caused me to damage my dad’s truck.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Samuel told Saul to wait for him at Gilgal. Samuel said that he would come and make offerings to God (1 Samuel 10:8). But when Samuel did not show up, Saul went ahead and made the offerings to God. When Samuel finally arrived, he told Saul, “You did a foolish thing. You did not obey the Lord your God” (verse 13b). Because Saul disobeyed, his family was not allowed to rule Israel.
Sometimes we become impatient and that leads us to disobey God. Be patient and obey God and His commands.