When I was young, I wanted to drink coffee like my parents. One day I saw a cup of dark liquid on the kitchen table. I wanted to taste this “grown-up drink.” I knew that someone might come into the room soon, so I gulped the liquid down very quickly. I began to choke and cough. It was not coffee. It was vinegar!
I grew up a little that day. I learned that things are not always the way they seem to be. I also learned that it is wise to obey.
Sometimes we have a difficult time growing spiritually, too. We should follow God’s teachings every day. But instead, we try to do things our own way or follow other people. We learn by experience that obeying God is the very best way to become a mature Christian.
I hope that you will begin today to live your life God’s way. Don’t pay attention to other people and their ideas. Remember to obey God’s teachings. His way is much better for you!