Obeying God

Peter and John preached about Jesus. Some Jewish leaders did not like that, so they put Peter and John in jail. In our Bible verses for today, Peter continued to preach about Jesus.
The Jewish leaders told Peter and John “not to say anything or to teach anything in the name of Jesus” (verse 18b). But Peter and John answered them, “Should we obey you or God? We cannot be quiet. We must tell people about what we have seen and heard” (verse 19b).
Sometimes people make fun of us or threaten us when we talk about Jesus. It is easy to just give up and stop talking about Jesus. But God wants us to obey Him and tell others about Jesus. When we talk about Jesus, we may face problems. But God will be with us and help us — just like He was with Peter and John.
Obey God today. Don’t be afraid to tell others about His Son!