Many people today talk about oil. Problems in the Mideast have caused oil prices to go very high. Some people are afraid that we will run out of oil.
Our Bible Reading today is about olive oil. A widow (woman whose husband had died) came to the prophet Elisha. The woman owed money to a man. This man wanted to take her two sons as slaves to pay the debt. But all the widow had in her house was a jar of olive oil.
Elisha told the woman to borrow many empty bowls from her neighbors. Then he told her to take the bowls and pour the oil from the jar into the bowls.
The woman obeyed Elisha. She poured the oil from the jar into the bowls. She poured and she poured! She filled all the bowls with oil. This was a miracle ? something that could only happen with God?s power. Then the woman sold the oil and paid her debt.
God took care of this woman, and He will take care of you, too. Depend on Him today.