Old Testament (1)

For the next few days we will look at some lessons from the Old Testament.
When I want to watch a football game in a stadium, I need a ticket. When I get my ticket, I keep it until the day of the game. Then I show that ticket to the gatekeeper at the stadium. This ticket is proof that I have a seat saved for me in the stadium.
Our Bible verses tell us that God agreed to give Abraham land and many descendants. The proof of this agreement was circumcision. “This is the agreement between me and you and all your descendants. Every male must be circumcised” (verse 10b).
God has promised to save people who follow and obey Him. The proof of this salvation is the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 1:13b-14 says, “God put his special mark on you by giving you the Holy Spirit…The Spirit…guarantees we will get all that God has for us.”
Praise God today for giving you His Holy Spirit to guide you through life!