Old Testament (10)

1475564400-2There are lots of things in the book of Leviticus that point to Jesus in the New Testament. In yesterday’s devotion we learned that Jesus is our “burnt offering.” In today’s Bible Reading, we see another thing that points to Jesus.
Aaron and his sons were appointed to be high priests. Moses put the blood of a ram on the tip of their right ears, on the thumb of their right hands, and on the big toe of their right feet. Moses also sprinkled some anointing oil and blood on Aaron and his sons’ clothing to make them holy. Aaron and his sons did everything that the Lord commanded them to do.
In the New Testament, Jesus was appointed as our high priest. He was holy and did everything His Father in heaven commanded Him to do. When Jesus died on the cross, His blood was shed so that our sins may be forgiven.
Thank God for His Son, Jesus, who is our High Priest!