Old Testament (2)

Today we will look at another lesson we can learn from the life of Abraham.
Once I went rafting on a river. A leader and three other paddlers were in the boat with me. The leader told us exactly when to paddle and when to stop. As we neared a rapid, the leader told us how to make a complete spin as we were going through the rapid. We did exactly what the leader told us to do. It was a lot of fun! But if we had not followed the leader, we could have hit a rock and been thrown into the water.
In our Bible Reading, we learn about Abraham. God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. That must have been a very difficult thing for Abraham to do. But Abraham obeyed God completely. Then God stopped Abraham before he killed Isaac. God was very pleased with Abraham’s obedience.
God may not ask us to sacrifice our children, but He does ask us to obey Him. Obey God today, and He will be happy and bless you.