Old Testament (3)

In our Bible verses for today, we read about Jacob. Jacob loved Rachel. He promised Rachel’s father, Laban, that he would work for him for seven years. Then Laban would let Jacob marry Rachel.
But Laban tricked Jacob. He gave Jacob his older daughter, Leah, instead. Laban told Jacob, “Continue for the full week of the marriage ceremony, and I will also give you Rachel to marry. But you must serve me another seven years” (verse 27). Jacob worked faithfully for Laban for fourteen years so that he could marry Rachel. God blessed Jacob with many children and possessions. Many years later, Jesus was born from Jacob’s family line.
All of us go through some hard times in our lives. But no matter what we face, we should always stay faithful to God. Sometimes the devil will tempt us to disobey God. But we should keep focused on God and His Word.
God will be with you today to help you stay faithful to Him!