Old Testament (8)

1475391600-2Men from the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh helped the other Israelites fight a war. When the war was over, Joshua told them to go home. He encouraged them to continue worshiping God even though they would be living far from the other tribes.
So the men from these three tribes built an altar. They explained why they built the altar, “The real reason we wanted our altar was to show our people that we worship the same God as you do. This altar will be the proof to you and us and to all our future children that we worship the Lord” (verse 27a).
It is very important that we show our children and our grandchildren what we believe. Our times of worshiping God, reading and studying the Bible, praying and fellowshiping with other Christians are good examples for our children and grandchildren.
Be an example to your children and grandchildren. Help them learn how to worship and obey God.