In this devotion and the next few devotions, we will learn about God’s character. One word to describe God’s character is omnipotent. Omnipotent means “having unlimited authority or power.” There is no limit to God’s power!
In the first book of the Bible, God talked about His power. God told Abram in Genesis 17:1a, “I am God All-Powerful!” God told Abram that there is no limit to His power. The last book of the Bible tells us about God’s power, too. In Revelation 19:6, a large crowd of people said, “Hallelujah! Our Lord God rules. He is the All-Powerful.”
God’s Son, Jesus, also talked about His power. In Matthew 19:26b Jesus said, “…God can do anything.” It is God’s power that created the world in the beginning. It was with this same power that God has done miracles. And God raised Jesus from the dead. God can truly do anything!
God is omnipotent! Depend on His power today!