God can be everywhere at the same time! We use the word omnipresent to describe this. Omnipresent means “present everywhere at the same time.”
In Jeremiah 23:23-24, we read, “This message is from the LORD. ‘I am God, and I am always near. I am not far away. Someone might try to hide from me in some hiding place. But it is easy for me to see that person, says the Lord, because I am everywhere in heaven and earth.’”
King David also talked about God being omnipresent. In our Bible verses, David could not think of any place where he could be apart from the love and care of God. The Apostle Paul talked about God being everywhere because He wants us to look for and find Him. In Acts 17:27-28a, Paul tells the non-Christians in Athens, Greece, “God wanted people to look for him…he is not far from any of us.”
God is right where you are! Seek Him and you will find Him. Be thankful that God is never far from you.