On Your Knees

Today people use mops and polishers to clean floors. But in the past, many people cleaned floors on their knees. They would kneel on the floor, reach into a bucket of soapy water and scrub the floor with a brush.

Another thing that people often do on their knees is pray. The Bible never says that we have to be on our knees when we pray. We can talk to God while sitting, standing or in any position. But the Bible does give us examples of people who knelt when they prayed.

Daniel is an example of someone who knelt when he prayed. The king had ordered that people could only pray to him. Daniel 6:10 tells us what Daniel did. “Daniel always prayed to God three times a day. Three times every day, he bowed down on his knees to pray and praise God. Even though Daniel heard about the new law, he still went to his house to pray. He went up to the upper room of his house and opened the windows that faced toward Jerusalem. Then Daniel bowed down on his knees and prayed just as he always had done.”

Daniel was faithful to pray to God every day. I hope you will follow his example and spend time with God today.