One God

When I was young, sometimes I would go with my dad to his office. That’s when he let me use his adding machine. I couldn’t understand how the machine could add all those numbers so quickly!
The Bible is full of numbers, too. Starting today we will begin to look at the numbers 1 through 12 as they are used in the Bible. Today our Bible verses talk about one God.
God’s people, the Israelites, tried to follow God. But often they began to worship false gods. In our Bible verses, Moses talked to the Israelites. He reminded them about the wonderful things God had done. In verse 39, Moses said, “So today you must remember and accept that the Lord is God. He is God in heaven above and on earth below. There is no other God!”
We need to remember, too, that there is only one God. Sometimes we take our focus away from God and worship our possessions, money or other people. Keep your focus on God today. Worship and serve only Him!